421 Sportsplex Dr. Unit A
Dripping Springs TX 78620


CrossFit is a constantly varied fitness program that is based in natural functional movements. To us here at CrossFit Onion Creek, CrossFit is a way to enhance our lives through exercise to be as healthy as we can, create a strong community, make great friends and have family fun! If you are 14 years old or 100, we all do the same workouts together in class and cheer each other on. We can scale every workout to suit any one’s individual needs. If you want to get stronger, have more endurance, change your body composition, or just gain new skills, CrossFit can be the best program to prepare you for many aspects in your life!

Our CrossFit classes last an hour and generally consist of three parts. First is a warm up session. Second is the skill or strength component of the class. Third is Workout Of the Day, our conditioning portion of the class. We aim to get the best out of everyone in every class!

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